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Mullen Motors is Happy to Welcome Kathleen Quigley to our Sales Staff

“I have wanted to work here for so long,” says Kathleen Quigley, Mullen’s the newest member of Mullen’s sales team, “I waited for over a year for this job. I am so excited!”

Kathleen, who lives in Wading River, loves to travel whenever possible and admits to having an ‘excuse’ to do so, as her daughter now lives in Holland. “It’s great to get away and get a change of perspective sometimes,” she says, “Whenever I get back, I see things a little differently, and it energizes me, which is terrific.”

When asked what she loves most about her career, and why she wanted to work with Mullen, Kathleen says “I love meeting people and helping them – I know how that sounds, but it’s the truth. But I need to be fair with people and, quite frankly, in the car business you don’t always have that opportunity. But here at Mullen you do – that’s why I love coming in to work. It’s great.”

With over 20 years of experience in automotive sales, it’s probably a pretty good sign when someone of Kathleen’s character and experience is willing to wait for a spot to open up. “We’re really happy to have Kathleen on board” says Bill Mullen, “She fits right in, and we think that our customers will be very comfortable working with her.”

Customer First Award Announced!


Mullen Motors is Proud To Announce We Have Just Been Awarded the Customer First Award For Excellence for 2018 – The ONLY Dealership on on the East End to receive this coveted award.

We would like to thank You, our Customers and Friends, as well as our own Terrific Staff for helping us achieve this honor.

Chris Storm Named one of Top 27 Techs In the Country!


Chris Storm, Top Technician Award Recipient

Mullen Motors is extremely proud to announce that their own Chris Storm was recently named as one of the Top 27 Technicians – from over 25,000 Eligible – in the Entire Country!

Chris, who started with Mullen Motors all the way back in 1989, was honored as “one of the very best technicians” in the United States and achieved a nearly impossible 100% Fixed First Visit score covering all of 2015.  As part of his honor, Chris was flown out to Detroit by Chrysler to receive the award, and was given both a tour of Chrysler Headquarters and got to also tour the Walter P Chrysler Museum – a unique privilege as the museum is not open to the general public, save for one day each year.

“The Museum was terrific,” said Chris, “I was able to see some of the older muscle cars from the early seventies – some of which just came off the line and were never driven.  It was pretty amazing.”

The Mopar Top Tech Award

The Mopar Top Tech Award

Everyone at Mullen couldn’t be prouder of Chris for all the hard work he’s put in.  “He really deserves this,” said Bill Mullen, “Everyone here works really hard to keep our customers happy, and it’s nice to see someone like Chris get recognized – it’s really great.”






Mullen Motors Is Pleased to Welcome Sarah Kane to The Sales Staff

“I am a huge car enthusiast,” says Sarah Kane, “Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved cars, and I love talking to people, so this is kind of a perfect fit for me.  Plus they’re so nice here at Mullen – everyone’s been just terrific!”

When asked what her dream car was, she says “I don’t know if I can say this here, but I would love a ’72 Jaguar ‘E’ Type – spoked wheels and all!”

Sarah enjoyed a successful career working in equities research for Citigroup before moving out to the North Fork and, more recently, served as Director of Operations for Lieb Cellars.  She and her partner share their Peconic home with Raleigh, a Black & Tan Coon-Shepherd mix that they adopted from a rescue organization in North Carolina.

“I am a bit of a ‘Foodie’” admits Sarah,  “We’re lucky to have so many great, interesting restaurants and farm stands around here – it’s easy to get spoiled.” Sarah can be reached at

“Living on the North Shore of Suffolk County about 1 1/2 hours from this dealership, we couldn’t imagine ever purchasing a vehicle anywhere else…”


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