There's an app for that...

There’s an app for that…

“Most people are really excited when they pick up their new car,” says Bill Mullen, of Mullen Motors Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Southold, “The salesman’s trying to show them everything, but they just want to get out and drive – I get that.  But then people get home and have questions, like how to connect your phone to your car, or how different systems work.  Now there’s apps for that, and they’re really helpful.”

There’s a lot to know if you really want to get the most out of your new car.  Even beyond the state of the art technical stuff, like navigation systems, Bluetooth phone connections, UConnect and the like, vehicles offer more now than they ever have, and many people don’t take advantage of all of the awesome technology and features available in their new Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge or even Ram Trucks.

But the good news is that Chrysler now offers apps for your iOS (eg, iPhone, iPad etc.) and Android devices that show you exactly how to use every possible feature in your new vehicle.  Want to know how to connect your cell phone?  How the navigation system works, or how to stream music in your car?  Sure, Mullen’s always happy to tell you, but the apps also have you covered.

Plus, if you’re thinking about a new Jeep, Ram, Dodge or Chrysler and want to see what it’s like, there are also apps that put you right inside the vehicle in a virtual 3d environment.  It’s pretty cool – just load the app, choose your point of view, and as you move the phone or tablet around, it’s like you’re really there!

All of the apps are free from Chrysler, so if you want to take a look, have some fun, or even learn something new, click here:

Or if apps just aren’t your thing, as always, Mullen’s got you covered – just drop us a line – we’re always happy to help!